Co+op Deals

Check out our Co+op Deals Flyer, a biweekly flyer that offers great deals and specials on many of the high quality national and regional brands you love. 

Fresh Deals

For the week of February 1 – 7, 2023

Organic Avocados….. $1.49 each
(origin Mexico)

Organic Green Cabbage….. $1.49/lb
(origin USA)

Organic Red Cabbage….. $1.49/lb
(origin USA)

Organic Roma Tomatoes….. $1.99/lb
(origin Mexico)

Organic Honeycrisp Apples….. $2.49/lb 
(origin USA)


Weekend Specials, Friday – Sunday

Organic Broccoli….. $2.49/lb
(origin USA)


Farm to Institution

Centering Local Farmers Through Committed Purchasing

Local Collard Greens….. $3.99 each
(origin Forever Yong Farm, Amado, AZ)

Local Dino Kale….. $3.99 each
(origin Westover Farm, Tucson, AZ)

Local Chard….. $3.99 each
(origin Westover Farm, Tucson, AZ)

Local Purple Baby Bok Choy….. $6.99/lb
(origin Merchant’s Garden, Tucson, AZ)

Co+op Basics

Co+op Basics is a program of the National Cooperative Grocers, a “virtual chain” of over 140 retail food co-ops nationwide, of which Food Conspiracy is a member. Co+op Basics offer everyday low prices on many essential produce, grocery, and wellness items; from milk to chicken, cereal to bananas.  One of the featured value brands is Field Day which offers a wide variety of products.  Look for these savings throughout the store.

Co+op Basics are for everyone!