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Everyone can shop. Anyone can join.


412 N 4th Avenue, Downtown Tucson
At  4th Ave / 6th St Streetcar Stop

(520) 624 – 4821

Open: 7am – 9pm daily
Curbside Pickup: 9am – 7pm daily

Our store is open to non-members and members alike.


Food Conspiracy remains the city’s only full-service consumer cooperative. Because we are owned by our members, and beholden to them rather than to corporate interests, the quality and range of products we offer is unique in Tucson.

Our Mission

The Food Conspiracy is committed to providing the highest quality natural and organic foods and related products to our members and the greater Tucson community.

The Food Conspiracy is also committed to expanding the selection of organic produce and products available in the store, and to network with and support organic producers and suppliers.

The Food Conspiracy promotes the health and well-being of our members and our community through education, information, service, and outreach on food-related, ecological, sustainability, and cooperative movement issues.

The Food Conspiracy cooperates with and supports the work of other non-profit organizations working on issues that are consistent with cooperative principals and the Food Conspiracy’s stated values.

Our Values

We adhere to the internationally recognized Rochdale Principles.

We promote whole, natural, organic, and chemical-free products with minimal packaging.

We value openness, honesty, and integrity in our dealings with each other and the community.

We seek, through cooperative effort, to provide a humane, fulfilling environment in which to work and shop.

We support social justice, human and animal rights, diversity and peaceful solutions.

We strive for a sustainable, healthy ecology, through use of clean renewable resources.