Beer and wine

Our beer and wine selection is great! Our wine section focuses on organic and sulfite-free wine. Our craft beer selection includes New Belgium (from Fort Collins, CO), Deschutes (from Bend, OR) and San Tan (from Chandler).

We’ve also got beer available in half-gallon glass growlers, including several selections from local breweries like Borderlands Brewing Co. and Dragoon Brewing Co.

How it works:Growler

1. You buy a 1/2 gallon Food Conspiracy glass growler for $6.

2. You bring your growler to the register and tell us what type of beer you want. We fill your growler with beer. Cost: $10 and up.

3. You go home and drink your beer. When the growler is empty, rinse it thoroughly 4 times without soap, and air dry it upside down. Soaps leave suds residue on the growler that will kill the enzymes that give the beer a head.

4. Return to the co-op with your clean growler and we’ll fill it with beer again and again.

Contact: Sarah Schwob
Email: [email protected]

Have a beer and wine suggestion? Let us know!