Take the Eat Local Challenge!

As the height of the local growing season spreads across the country, co-op grocers nationwide are celebrating the freshest, best, and most delicious local foods with the “Eat Local, America!” initiative. During Eat Local, America! (and beyond), co-ops offer unique, helpful ways to explore and enjoy the bounty and benefits of eating locally sourced foods.

Most co-ops hold their Eat Local, America! initiatives in late summer, but Tucson’s peak harvesting season arrives a little earlier. At the Food Conspiracy, we expect to have local greens, carrots, zucchini, collards, beets and more in stock in early May.

Eat Local, America! participants are asked to set a goal for themselves. Whether it’s eating one meal a week made with local foods or trying to source a specific percentage of meals locally, participants are encouraged to set a goal that fits their lifestyle. With all the local food choices available, eating local is much easier than one might think. Finding a local in-season substitute for your breakfast banana or re-doing a family favorite recipe with local ingredients, for example, are easy ways to get started. The point is to recognize and celebrate the joys of fresh-picked flavors while supporting local foods and farms.

We’re going to help with your challenge by discounting all of our local items during Eat Local, America! From May 2-15, all locally-produced foods at the co-op will be 10% off. During that time, Conspiracy Kitchen will pick a different dish each day to discount by 25%.

The Food Conspiracy will also sponsor a series of Eat Local events, as part of Eat Local America!, including the Hoff Building Open House, Forever Yong’s Garlic Harvest, and a tour of Local Roots Aquaponics.

Here’s a list of the Conspiracy Kitchen grab-and-go foods that will be on sale for 25% during Eat Local, America!:

  1. Pesto Pasta (5/4)
  2. Parfaits (5/5)
  3. Small Planet Gluten Free Banana Bread (5/6)
  4. Chocolate Tofu Pudding (5/7)
  5. Breakfast Burritos (5/8)
  6. Small Planet Cookies (5/9)
  7. Ginger Peanut Rice Noodles (5/10)
  8. Curried Tempeh Salad (5/11)
  9. Tempeh BLT (5/12)
  10. Queso Superior Menonita Cheese (5/13)
  11. Hummus Wrap (5/14)
  12. Cranberry Cashew Quinoa (5/15)

Tour the co-op’s new kitchen

On Wednesday, May 2, tour the co-op’s new kitchen, learn to make almond milk, enjoy Conspiracy Kitchen snacks, and watch a movie about genetically modified foods.



5 p.m.
Tour the Hoff building and learn to make almond milk. Learn about the co-op’s “Eat Local” events — a garlic harvest at Forever Yong Farms (May 12) and a tour of Local Roots Aquaponics (May 13).

Watch a 2-minute animated short featuring the Food Conspiracy’s power veggies. Meet the creator, Jon Rustad.

Watch the short film, “Hidden Dangers in Kids’ Meals,”

6 p.m.
Q&A about GMOs with the GMO-Free Project of Tucson and the Food Conspiracy‘s grocery manager, Steve Spencer.

Meeting of the Food Conspiracy Board of Directors. All co-op owners are invited to attend. Owners who attend the three-hour meeting get 5% off at the co-op the following month..


Construction is here. We’ve got parking!

This is going to be an eventful year for the Food Conspiracy Co-op. Already, the city has started construction on the modern streetcar. In May, we’ll start work on a co-op improvement project that will add more retail space, as well a hot bar, salad bar, and new cases for produce, meat and cheese. We’ll also be refreshing the store’s color scheme and adding new signage. It’s going to be great!

We know that, due to the streetcar construction, getting to the co-op will be more challenging than usual. That’s why we’re doing the following to make it easier for our customers:

  • We’ve dedicated our back lot to customer parking. Starting immediately, you can park your car in the gravel lot at the back of the co-op. You can access the lot by heading north on Hoff Avenue from Seventh Street. Hoff Avenue is one block east of Fourth Avenue. (Note: you won’t be able to enter the co-op from the rear, so you’ll have to walk around the corner to the front entrance. But, as always, our staff will be happy to carry your groceries to your car when you’re done shopping.)
  • We’re opening up the front lot at the Hoff Building (at the corner of Seventh Street and Hoff Ave.) to co-op shoppers.
  • We’ve gotten permission for our customers to park in the large lot on Seventh Street, between Fifth Avenue and Herbert Street, across from Ordinary Bikes.

We’re also going to do our best to make shopping at the co-op worth your while. To that end, we’re holding a series of “construction craziness” sales that will offer big savings on the products you love. The first of our construction craziness sales will be Sunday, May 20, and all shoppers can participate.

Thanks for your continued support of the co-op during this time of transition. We’re excited about what the future holds, and grateful for our loyal customers.

For a detailed schedule of street closures related to the modern streetcar, click here.


Modern Streetcar roadway closures

Construction on the modern streetcar has started, and when it’s done it’s going to be FANTASTIC! In the meantime, it’s going to be a little messy. Never fear, the co-op is here to help you navigate the construction. Below is a rundown of what streets will be closed and when, as well as tips about where to park when shopping at the co-op

This update is for the week of April 16, 2012.

Please note: Roadway closures indicate areas where roads are closed to vehicular and bicycle traffic. Pedestrian access adjacent to these closures will be maintained at all times.



This area of the project includes Congress Street and Broadway through downtown from Granada Avenue to 5th Avenue. Traffic control in this area is as follows:

  • During the week of April 16, Arizona Avenue between Congress Street and Broadway will be closed between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. while Southwest Gas completes utility work. This work is expected to be complete by April 27. Arizona Avenue will be open to traffic during the day.
  • ONGOING: 6th Avenue has been converted to two-way traffic between Broadway and 6th Street, including the 6th Avenue underpass. This traffic control change will help facilitate traffic flow during the closure of Congress Street.
  • ONGOING: Congress Street is closed to vehicular traffic between Toole Avenue and Stone Avenue. This curb to curb construction will require 24 hour closures and is expected to be in place for four months.
  • ONGOING: Toole Avenue between Congress Street and 5th Avenue is one-way northbound travel only.
  • ONGOING: Motorist and cyclists traveling southbound on Toole Avenue must exit at 5th Avenue. Local business access to the Historic Depot will be maintained.
  • ONGOING: During Congress Street work, there will be intermittent closures of 5th Avenue and 6th Avenue at Congress Street.
  • ONGOING: Scott Avenue is closed at Congress Street for approximately four months. Access to businesses north and south of the intersection, as well as access to parking garages off Scott Avenue, will be maintained.
  • Construction on Congress Street includes curb to curb removal of asphalt and major excavation for utility relocations before the roadway is reconstructed with rail. The extensive nature of this work requires full closures 24 hours per day.

Fourth Avenue

This area of the project includes 4th Avenue from the 4th Avenue underpass to University Boulevard, University Boulevard to Main Gate Square, and Park Avenue to 2nd Street. Traffic control in this area is as follows:

  • ONGOING: 4th Avenue is closed to vehicular and bicycle traffic between 6th Street and University Boulevard. This closure will be in place for approximately four months.
  • Pedestrian access along 4th Avenue will be maintained at all times.


Parking updates will change weekly depending on 4th Ave. store remodel

At this time parking is available for Food Conspiracy Co-op customers. Please feel free to use the parking lot in front of the Hoff building and the gravel lot located behind the 4th Ave. store. The lot located behind our store needs to be assessable to our vendors so please refrain from parking in front of the sliding/swinging gates. The parking lot located across 7th St. from Ordinary Bikes is also available to Food Conspiracy customers. With intermittent closures on 4th Ave. on street parking will be a challenge. The Food Conspiracy Co-op staff will always assist you with carry out needs. Thank you so much for your continued support of the co-op and look forward to seeing you in the store!




Closed on Easter

The Food Conspiracy Co-op will be closed on Sunday, April 8, for Easter. We will reopen on Monday, April 9, at 8 a.m.

The Solar Potluck is Saturday, April 28

Bummed you missed out on this year’s Solar Rock festival (which was cancelled due to rain)? Got questions about solar power — how it works, how much it costs, whether it makes sense for your home or office? Check out the Solar Potluck, which is organized by local advocacy group Citizens for Solar.

Experience the flavors of solar-cooked food and learn about solar by viewing solar appliances and exhibitions (ovens, fountains, coolers, lights, electrical systems) and solar arts. The event is co-sponsored by Catalina State Park and Arizona State Parks.

There will be speakers and musicians throughout the day on a stage with a PA system powered by solar energy. The Potluck itself is at 5 p.m. Bring your own oven and join in the cooking (oven set-up by 9:30 a.m., event opens to the public at 10:00 a.m.), or if you do not cook, feel free to bring some “solar” food to share: salad, watermelon, berries, etc. Ice is always welcome.

Bring your own eating utensils (plate/bowl and fork/spoon) and help make Tucson’s Solar Potluck a waste-free event. Make sure you wear comfy shoes, a brimmed hat and sunscreen. The festival will be held come sun, rain or wind!

The cost of the Solar Potluck is free; $7/car to get into the Park.

More info: http://citizensforsolar.org

Spring Sale is Wednesday, March 21

All shoppers save 10% on Wednesday, March 21 (except on Basic Buys, special orders and gift cards). This is a great chance to get your shopping done before this weekend’s Spring Street Fair closes Fourth Avenue to cars.