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The Food Conspiracy East Entrance Project is Here! 

3rd Avenue Access!

East Entrance

Site Plan

An Invitation and Call to Action from your General Manager, John Glennon

Food Conspiracy Co-op is commemorating our 50 years of Cooperation by completing a project our Owners and community have been envisioning for a long time. This project, dubbed the East Entrance Project, seeks to transform our Customer Experience by opening an entrance to the rear of our store and incorporating an integrated campus design to our properties with intentional green spaces and increased parking.

Through the East Entrance Project, our Co-op will add a beautiful multi-purpose covered courtyard for gathering and events, as well as educational garden areas throughout the design for increased community engagement. The Food Conspiracy Staff will benefit from this project with reimagined work areas and flows, and our store expansion plan will stimulate growth for our Co-op while creating new job opportunities for 4th Ave and the Downtown Tucson community.

At Food Conspiracy we are gearing up to achieve new heights for our Cooperative over the next 50 years of grass roots community work around local and organic food. You, our dedicated Food Conspiracy Owners have the opportunity to make the East Entrance Project happen for our Co-op and to experience the feeling of shared abundance when our resources flow toward a common vision.

East Entrance Project Capital Campaign

Food Conspiracy Owners can invest in the East Entrance Project by purchasing a preferred share in our Preferred Shares Program.

Invest your money in a business that shares your values.

Receive a return on your investment that is at competitive rate with other investment opportunities.

Experience the feeling of shared abundance in the Cooperative model.

You will receive a dividend on your investment EVERY YEAR!

After 10 years (starting the 11th year, but as early as the 8th year), we will redeem each Owner’s investment.

Example: a Food Conspiracy Owner invests $2,000. Each year the Co-op pays the Owner Investor a 3% dividend or $60. In year 11, the Owner Investor has made $600 on their share and they get the original $2000 returned to them, all while shopping in a beautifully reimagined Food Conspiracy Co-op store.

The Food Conspiracy Board is still finalizing all of the exact details of the Food Conspiracy Preferred Shares Program, but we are accepting pre-committals for the program.

Invest in your Co-op!

To learn more about the East Entrance Project:

Read the FAQ below

Attend our Owner Engagement Meetings, held via Zoom

    • February 10th, 2021 @ 6PM
    • March 10th, 2021 @ 6PM
    • March 21st, 2021 @ 6PM


East Entrance Project Information and FAQ