Becoming an Owner

Becoming An OwnerBecoming an owner is simple and easy!

You can become an owner for just $180. You can choose to pay quarterly a total of eight installments of $22.50 plus a non-refundable $10 administrative fee. Or pay all at once and we’ll waive the administrative fee. Your equity investment of $180 is fully refundable. If you choose you no longer want to be an owner, we’ll give it back.

Owner benefits:

1. Participate in Co-op decision-making by voicing your opinions in board meetings and voting in elections.
2. Take part in Co-op owner only sale days.
3. In profitable years, receive a patronage rebate, a cooperative practice of sharing owner earnings with other owners of the Co-op.  A rebate returns a portion of the profits that your purchases generated for the Co-op each year.
4. Receive Conspiracy News, the Co-op’s quarterly newsletter mailed to your home.
5. Get free unclassified ad space in our Conspiracy News newsletter (50 words non-commercial each issue).
6. Have the experience of shopping where you own the store, being part of an organization that has nourished the community since 1971.
7. Option to receive e-receipts electronically for all shopping transactions.
8. The opportunity to run for the Board of Directors, after being an owner of the Co-op for six months.
9.  Ability to receive 20% off on money-saving special orders.

10. Volunteer opportunities for participation in Board meetings, during sales and outreach events.