5 Year Strategic Plan

Food Conspiracy Co-op 

5 Year Strategic Plan 

Approved November 28, 2018


We adhere to the internationally recognized Rochdale principles.

We promote whole, natural, organic and chemical-free products with minimal packaging.

We value openness, honesty, and integrity in our dealings with each other and the community.

We seek, through cooperative effort, to provide a humane, fulfilling environment in which to work and shop.

We support social justice, human and animal rights, diversity and peaceful solutions.

We strive for a sustainable, healthy ecology, through use of clean renewable resources.


The Food Conspiracy is committed to providing the highest quality natural and organic foods and related products to our members and the greater Tucson community.

The Food Conspiracy is also committed to expanding the selection of organic produce and products available in the store, and to network with and support organic producers and suppliers.

The Food Conspiracy promotes the health and well-being of our members and our community through education, information, service and outreach on food-related, ecological, sustainability, and cooperative movement issues.

The Food Conspiracy cooperates with and supports the work of other non-profit organizations working on issues that are consistent with cooperative principles and the Food Conspiracy’s stated values.

Vision Statement

The Food Conspiracy Co-op (FCC) is the place to go for a variety of organic grab-and-go foods in the central city, offering healthy food and prepared meals. FCC production is at maximum capacity and supplying our branded goods, well known for health and sustainability to various retail outlets. We are also a premier distribution site for local food producers and maximize the usage of our commissary.

FCC is financially stable with the capacity to support dynamic business ventures, develop numerous income streams and consider other opportunities as they arise. We also contribute in a meaningful way to long-term food security in our region, acting as a resource for food producers adapting to climate change and supporting innovative cooperative models of food production.

The Food Conspiracy Co-op fully meets all legal obligations through bylaws and policies that are complete, legally sound and relevant to empower board work. Our board of directors is fully staffed and diverse, and our owner base is ever-expanding. Both are actively engaged, empowering the board and our owners to fulfill their roles and responsibilities. FCC staff is happy and fulfilled in their work. Our store is an anchor for the community as an educational center and is an important piece of Tucson’s identity.

FCC maintains maximum agility and responsiveness to meet changing customer and community needs, while still being deliberative and careful with our decisions. We have a tangible definition of what it means to be socially responsible and to further social justice. Our actual practice of these values is an example to the community, providing inspiration for other organizations. We fully collaborate with other community organizations, learning from them and maximizing resources. Together we identify needs and work effectively to fulfill those needs.

Goals and Strategies


Increase production of grab and go products and FCC branded goods by at least 25% and increase the capacity and production of our kitchen by at least 25%.

Complete a full review and revision of FCC bylaws, policies and processes, focusing on high-priority work first.

Initiate an organization-wide review and update of FCC documentation processes to better support the work of the Board and Operations, while ensuring access and transparency.

Revise Board of Directors application, nomination, election and on-boarding processes to maintain a full and diverse Board of Directors and increase owner engagement and voting by at least 25%.

Develop and execute a viable expansion plan that prioritizes assessment and utilization of existing assets and resources, while increasing our capacity to recognize and evaluate a wide range of expansion possibilities.


Always remain faithful and attentive to FCC values and mission, driven by the best interests of an engaged ownership, as we make decisions and pursue our goals.

Effectively utilize resources from the Board, Staff and outside sources to accomplish our goals through effective collaboration.

Periodically review and revise FCC bylaws, policies and processes to better serve Owner’s needs, enhance Board function, support Operations and assure fulfillment of all Board responsibilities.