Top 10 Single Use Plastics

Continuing the list of the top 10 single use plastics from Nick Super:

6. Plastic take out containers: not all take out containers are recyclable, especially the black ones. Most recyclable plastic has to be clear or opaque. Black plastic doesn’t always get recycled because of the optical scanners used in some facilities. This one seems the most difficult from the ten to me. Because when eating out you don’t usually have an option of take out containers, unless you’re going to bring your own.

7. Plastic wrap. As with the plastic bags, plastic wrap cannot be recycled. The solution: use your own lided containers, or there are several eco wraps now available, some made with bees wax, etc and are reusable for several uses.

8. Plastic cutlery. Like the straw, a single use item that can be easily done away with. Some countys are starting to ban all single use items like cutlery, cups and plates. Some are compostable like the ones used at the co-op. Solution: get yourself a handy spork like I did.

9. Plastic Drink Cups. Same as the coffee cup, a wasteful single use item. Solution: use reusable cups, and bottles. I use my Hydro Flask for coffee, tea, water, hot or cold. Whether I’m at the co-op or Circle K.

10. Six Pack Rings. Again, an item we don’t have many options with other than not buying items packaged this way. Though some companies are looking into biodegradable versions. My suggestion with these is to always cut them up, so if they do end up out in the world, birds and animals aren’t getting tangled up in them.

Well, that’s the list. How easily can you do away with, or change your habits of your plastic usage? Most of this information I borrowed from but if you Google the top 5,7, or 10 single use plastics, you end up with very similar lists. It’s all about doing your individual part in what I’m going into 2019 with, by being more Earth Mindful.