Less Plastic

Well, as we begin a new year, we all come to that task of new year resolutions, or as I prefer to call, intentions. One big intention I have for 2019 is to be more aware and responsible regarding the amount of plastic I buy and how much waste I produce.

This isn’t a new idea for me. I already try to be as earth conscious as I can. After all, I have my Hydro Flask that I carry with me to cut down on single use coffee cups and water bottles. And I try to buy products that are packaged in glass instead of plastic, and the tp wrapped in paper instead of plastic wrap. But it’s not always that easy is it? And when you think about it, recycle, reduce, reuse, can take some work to get it right, and to be diligent. And when I recycle, am I doing that correctly as well?

So, for 2019 my ‘intention’ is to be more conscientious about what I, myself am doing toward making the planet cleaner. And, I thought I’d share my thoughts, ideas, and actions in blog form, to hopefully start that ripple effect to those who have the same concern. I use the term ripple effect because I think that’s what is needed. To share ideas and knowledge and hopefully encourage others to become more discerning on the whole plastic and waste issue. I think a lot of people don’t think they can make a difference. They throw their recycling in the blue container and roll it out to the curb once a week, and they’re done. They’ve done their part. But there’s a lot more to it.

Join me as I start this journey. I’m not sure how it will progress, or for how long. But I’m going to take it a step at a time. I also encourage you to add your comments, perhaps share tips that you do in your household, and we can become earth protectors together.

Nick Super

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