Single Use Plastics

Welcome back to Zero Waste with Nick. So, as I stated in the previous post/blog, one of the things I already do is keep my Hydro Flask handy to cut down on single cup use. Starting now, I want to expand that a bit. Since I work at the Food Conspiracy Co-op, I eat a lot of my meals from our hot bar. So every day it’s another single use paper plate, box, or soup cup. Yes, they’re compostable but why make the waste if I don’t have to? So, I now have a reusable plate, a mug for soup and stews, and my trusty spork which I’ve been using for a few years now.

You know, there are approximately 261 work days in a year. Okay, I’m not eating from the hot bar that many days, given days I bring my lunch, or go out for something different, but most the time I do. So, maybe 200 of the 261 to just pick a number? That’s 200 single use items I throw away every year. If I change that habit that’s 200 items that don’t have to go an extra step into the landfill, compost or the recycling bin. Imagine if four other employees did the same thing, that’d be 1,000 some pieces not being thrown away. And taking it a step further, maybe saving the Co-op a little bit by not having to order as much paper goods. It might not seem like that big of a deal, but the little things add up.

How about you? Do you work in an office or work place where you can bring your own plate? Do you drive through the local coffee joint every morning on your way to work and get a single use cup? Most places give you a discount when you bring your reusable cup. Take note this week, how many single use items you use. Use it once and throw it away. It’s something we do without even thinking about it. It’s become our norm. Can you start to change that pattern? Take a new awareness of your normal activity? Give it a try.