You Spoke, We Listened

Board Report
Michael DeSantis, President, Food Conspiracy Co-op Board of Directors

The Food Conspiracy Board of Directors is excited to announce that our Annual General Meeting will be held at Borderland’s Brewing Company on Saturday March 2nd, 2019. We will enjoy a beautiful dinner made from scratch with local ingredients from the Conspiracy Kitchen, as well as local craft beer served by Borderlands. This year we have something more for the Co-op kiddos. We are partnering with Playformance to offer a fun and engaging program during the business meeting portion of this year’s event. Our 2019 Annual Meeting will be a momentous milestone for Food Conspiracy as we unveil to you our new 5-Year Strategic Plan (read it on page 6) and the initial concept plans for our East Entrance Expansion Project.

Your Board of Directors finished another strong cycle of work in our November Board Meeting by approving Food Conspiracy’s 5-Year Strategic Plan, a project we have been working on for over a year. Please take some time to read it, paying special attention to our exciting Vision Statement. This plan honors our long history, powerful mission and strong community. With this vision, we look forward to Food Conspiracy’s bright future.

Considering owner input and all we had learned, about a year ago the Board of Directors took a thoughtful look at our expansion plans and set out in a new direction. Here is the Board approved statement that sums up that new direction: “The board has no plan to continue evaluating relocation options, but will continue exploring a wide range of expansion possibilities while better utilizing existing resources.” Consistent with that statement, we are happy to announce that we have begun the conceptual design of an improvement owners have been requesting for years – an east entrance to our store along with additional parking. It’s too early to provide details, but we plan to integrate our gardens and create outside café seating into the design and will have more information along with architectural renderings to share at our Annual Meeting in March.

This year, we plan to build on the momentum we generated at last year’s Annual General Meeting, and look forward to your input. Personally, the most meaningful statistic from last year’s election cycle was related to the three propositions we presented to owners. While two propositions received strong 2 to 1 support, one stood out with 3.5 to 1 support. It was the proposition addressing a potential barrier to running for a seat on the FCC Board of Directors. I deeply value our Co-op’s direct, highly functional democracy where all voices are heard. It has always been a beacon of light for me, even when I’m disheartened by world events. This year we will present another set of propositions that will open the door even wider for FCC owners who might like to serve on the Board of Directors. We are also continuing to review and revise our election processes to increase convenience and accuracy. We want your voice to be heard!

Join us for an exciting celebration of our Co-op: engage in discussions with your board members, hear from new board candidates running for election, learn and discuss our proposed bylaws changes that will be on the ballot, see our exciting east entrance concept drawings, and get to know your Co-op staff.