Five Fresh Things to Look for at the Co-op this Fall!

1. New Fresh Conspiracy Kitchen Summer Salads

Conspiracy Kitchen has been working hard in the kitchen this summer to revitalize our menu with fresh new offerings in the grab-and-go case and beyond.  This includes our continuing our commitment to offering local and seasonal ingredients.  New summer salads are Hunan Broccoli with Rice Salad, Edamame Mint Salad, Broccoli Cashew, Honey Mustard Potato, and Chicken Tarragon and Apple Salad.  These salads and more will rotate in the grab-and-go case. There is a delicious and distinct flavor profile associated with each of these salads that are sure to please lunch time visitors or serve as a fine accompaniment as side dish for dinner.

2. California Rolls

Fresh California rolls are also new to our grab-and-go line up–both veggie and spicy tuna.  All the fresh rolls are made in-house with organic veggies with no food coloring or additives in the pickled ginger or wasabi.  Veggies include red bell pepper, carrots, sprouts, cucumber and avocado.  Simple, natural and delicious made especially for you by us in the Conspiracy Kitchen. Your purchase of grab-and-go is guilt-free too as our sushi trays are made from plants too! They are a cutting edge bioplastic made by transforming the carbon in plants to lactic acid and are certified for industrial composting.


3. Fresh In-House Made Conspiracy Juice

In other fresh department news, we now make Conspiracy Juice in-house by our produce staff using only organic ingredients.  We have a basic green juice recipe with kale, apple, celery, lime, etc. We have a carrot juice and ginger juice to which we added apple for an extra sweetness on top of the natural sweetness of the carrot.  Lastly, the watermelon juice has been a favorite and a simple juice that people love. It is also really refreshing like an agua fresca on a hot and humid summer day.  It is watermelon, fresh mint and lime.  This watermelon mint juice will be available as long as the organic watermelons are available.  The team then plans to add a seasonal offering following seasonal availability of produce.

CBD Yoga and Mindy & Body Classes

At the Co-op, we believe along with a healthy food, whole health comes from care and attention to mind and body.  Some of the summer class offerings are by Zoe Rose Lambert of Sonoran Apothecary.  Zoe is a Tucson native who has been working in the health and wellness industry for almost a decade. Zoe’s yoga and hemp derived CBD class will combine all levels relaxed-pace yoga with a hemp derived CBD tincture that students will take internally.  She will also teach a CBD Edibles class where students will learn how to make CBD infused cooking oil to make their own edibles at home.  The Kadampa Meditation Center will offer a class on Healing Mind & Body Buddhist nun Gen Kelsang Lingpur will explain how we can take control of our own healing by relying on the special practices taught by Buddha.  Popular among locals, bread baker and Owner of Barrio Bread, Don Guerra will also teach a class on how purchasing Barrio Bread or making it at home supports a whole local ecosystem.  All classes are at the Co-op’s annex building on 7th Street in Historic Fourth Avenue. Tickets for classes can be purchased online or in the store on 4th Avenue.

5. Love Local – 10% off Local Produce, Grocery and Conspiracy Kitchen Made Foods

Food Conspiracy has made the commitment long ago to support local farmers and food producers from local honey to rangeland-fed beef and organic apples. We invest in the time it takes to order directly from many local businesses and have had relationships with farmers since the day one.  We also make great prepared foods with the same high quality organic ingredients you can find at the Co-op in our own kitchen.  We highlight all of these offerings at the height of the local summer harvest season with discounts for everyone on all locally grown produce, grocery and Conspiracy Kitchen made foods September 5-11.  Make your list and mark your calendar!