Co-ops Grow Community, Join the Co-op Today!

October is a great time to join the Co-op.  October is Co-op Month, a time to celebrate what it means to be a cooperative. As a long-time part of the Tucson community, we at Food Conspiracy invite our community members to join in the celebration.  October marks the Co-op’s annual ownership drive, during which we encourage people to become Food Conspiracy members, thereby making an investment towards food and community.

The first 35 people to join in October during the ownership drive will receive a co-op bag for FREE filled with local samples of Tucson-made and Southern Arizona grown products.  First come first served.


The purpose of a cooperative is to facilitate beneficial exchanges on multiple levels—economically, socially, and ecologically. Food Conspiracy does this in a variety of ways: through our Round Up program to benefit local non-profits; by purchasing safe, high quality products from local farms and producers; by investing in local farmers through our Farmer Loan Program; by providing competitive wages and benefits to our staff; by offering educational opportunities for local students; by engaging community members in the annual Pie Party; by purchasing from other local co-ops, such as DouglaPrieta Works; and by hiring local businesses for day-to-day operations in the co-op. We also do this by joining together with other food co-ops in the National Cooperative Grocers. This allows us to make purchases collectively and to receive the best prices and savings to pass onto you. We do this by purchasing from co-ops globally and bringing co-op exclusive items to Food Conspiracy, such as La Riojana wine produced in Argentina.

Learn more about becoming an owner.