Eat Local Challenge July 1 -14th

Food Conspiracy’s Eat Local Challenge is from July 1-14th, all local produce and locally produced grocery items are 10% off for everyone. Gather your friends and family for a barbecue, try brewing your own pale ale, make a batch of pickles–declare independence this 4th of July!

Food Conspiracy invites you to revel in local during the Eat Local Challenge July 1-14.  Now is the time for real tasting tomatoes, Conspiracy Grown basil & sunflowers, Forever Yong Farm Korean melon, Exo’s mesquite syrup sweetened and chiltipin chile spiked cold brews, Curly Wolf kombucha in your mixed drinks, San Xavier Co-op Farm traditional teparies, and Conspiracy Kitchen made salads and sandwiches. If it’s grown, brewed, fermented, baked or produced within 200 miles of downtown Tucson—it’s local and we’re celebrating it and it’s all 10% off during the Challenge.

Next, Food Conspiracy is handing over our Instagram account during the Challenge to showcase the people and places behind the food and to give followers a behind-the-scenes look at daily life on local farms, wild harvested desert food walks and preparations, to cold brewed coffee and regionally inspired drinks at a local coffee shop.

Instagram Takeover Guest Line Up

Alexandra @alexandraskyee July 2 -4th

Not yet on her own land, Alex is here in the desert working under and learning from some of Tucson’s most creative farmers.  Alex is living and learning at Bean Tree Farm focusing on water conservation, permaculture design and native foods while also working as a farm hand at ReZoNation Farm.

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@LocalFirstAZ July 5-7th

LFA will be wrapping up Independents Week with us by telling the stories behind the food at Food Conspiracy. Local First Arizona empowers individuals to build the life they want in their local community. Together we can create a stronger economy, a more vibrant community, and better job opportunities for Arizonans. IMG_4591IMG_4592









@JohnjSlatteryherbalist July 8 – 10

John Slattery is a bioregional herbalist, forager, educator, clinical herbalist,  founder of Sonoran Herbalist Apprenticeship, and owner of Desert Tortoise Botanicals. Desert Tortoise Botanicals mission is to provide the finest quality handcrafted herbal products while nurturing active stewardship of local plants and supporting the dynamic heritage of traditional herbal practice in the Sonoran desert region.

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@ExoRoastCo July 11 – 13  

Exo Roast Co.  Provides Tucson with specialty coffee and regionally inspired bottled cold brew. Sonoran style.  Exo Roast Co. is about meticulous attention to the coffees that bears their name. From sourcing green beans to refining roast profiles to searching out the optimal extraction for each coffee, Exo is committed, everyday, to providing customers with the best coffee experience possible.