2016 Co-op Election Results

This year’s Annual Meeting featured delicious Korean BBQ catered by Conspiracy Kitchen and music by DJ Butta Fly.  Thank you to Borderlands for hosting the Co-op’s meeting and to all of the local vendors Yellow Brick Coffee, Sky Island Brand/47 Ranch, and ReZoNation Farm for coming to talk with owners.

Sunday, March 6th also voting closed and the 2016 results are in.   This year four people ran for four seats on the Board of Directors and five local non profits were nominated for three Cooperative Community Fund grants.  Here are the winners:

Fiore Iannacone (105 votes); receives a three-year term

Michael DeSantis (98 votes); receives a three-year term

Rob McLane (93 votes); receives a three-year term

Gontran Zepeda (86 votes); receives a one-year term

Meet the Newly Elected  Board Members

160306_Food COOP Meeting_077

Rob McLane

160306_Food COOP Meeting_078

Fiore Iannacone

160306_Food COOP Meeting_080

Gontran Zepeda





160306_Food COOP Meeting_083

Michael DeSantis

Cooperative Community Fund Grant Recipients

Clinica Amistad (69)

Iskashitaa Refugee Harvesting Network (64)

Community Home Repair Projects of Arizona (64)

Thank you to all who ran in the Co-op’s elections and to all who took the time to vote!