2014 Elections Results

Food Conspiracy Co-op elections have concluded, and the results are in. This year, four people ran for four spots on the Board of Directors, and seven nonprofits were nominated for three Cooperative Community Fund (CCF) grants. Here are the winners:

Jessica Hersh-Ballering (120 votes); receives a three-year term
Glenn Furnier (116); receives a two-year term
Rob McLane (113); receives a two-year term
Joyce Liska (72); receives a two-year term

Desert Harvesters (66)
Living Streets Alliance (63)
Tucson Village Farm (54)

We don’t yet know how much money each CCF winner will receive. We’ll get that info later in the month, when the Twin Pines Cooperative Foundation informs us how much interest our account generated in the past year. Last year, our winners got over $700.

Thanks to everyone who ran in this year’s elections and to all of those co-op owners who took the time to vote.

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